Welcoming Winter

Usually about this time of year I secretly look forward to the colder weather and the darker afternoons and evenings. Sure, summer is my favorite season, but winter is the time when I get to recharge my batteries and have a little time to myself without feeling the least bit guilty about it. Winter is… Continue reading Welcoming Winter

The Gratitude Project

Sometimes we just need to be kneaded… It’s November of 2020 and the challenges of distance learning in the midst of a global pandemic are weighing heavily on all of us. As educators, it is essential to have self-care practices and scheduled time to recharge so that we can continue to bring our best selves… Continue reading The Gratitude Project

About Me

Hi, I’m Kate. I believe that sharing stories is how we make meaningful connections. I hope these pieces of my story in some way help, inspire or motivate you to share your gifts with the world.

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